reportage Paweł Zgrzebnicki - Reportage
Dzienniki Wypraw

Travelling has been my passion for a long time now. During the past dozen or so years I visited over 60 countries, each time taking photographs, making films and writing travelogues. A part of those has been published online since I hoped to introduce others to distant worlds, people and civilisations.

For many years I ran a website where I published voyage accounts, descriptions, photos, maps and all these things that helped me to blaze the way to getting to know exceptional diversity of our world.

But everything ends one day, so does Dzienniki Wypraw (pl - Travel Journals).

After 11 years, in 2016, I have finally decided to close this chapter but I'm not going to shutdown the website yet. After all, there are over 7000 photos with detailed descriptions and 26 journeys to different corners of the world! Who knows, maybe someone will still make use of it?

Anyways, Dzienniki Wypraw is not going to be updated anymore and the website goes down in history as one of the first large travel websites on the Polish internet.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this website existence, and followed and supported it for over a decade of publications.