This is where the world ends

 Stories from Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the last places on the earth where primeval communities are still existing and where wild tribes live, part of which does not have any contact with the modern civilisation. The ethnographically rich area is a wild, dangerous and violent country in its large part, simultaneously fascinating the visitors with its beauty and cultural diversity. It is a place where the world as Europeans know it ends for them. Unfortunately, it is also ending for indigenous people because of rapid globalisation.

The book presents a unique trip to Papua New Guinea. However, the journey is just a pretext, thread around which much more serious story is told — about inhabitants of Melanesia, their history, tribal customs, contemporary problems, attempts to establish a state, greed and ruthlessness of international corporations, aggressive policy of China, corruption, violence, environmental degradation and vanishing of great, primeval human cultures. Simultaneously, it is a humorous narrative guiding the readers through the world of superstitions, magic, adventures and sudden turns of events.

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