This is the book that sums up my ten-year experience of travelling the world. It tells the stories of people who crossed my paths all around the globe: starting from far Asia, through the Middle East and Africa, and ending with South, Middle and North America.

It is a quite unusual publication: on one hand, it is an artistic photo album showing portraits of different people; on the other hand, it constitutes a piece of reportage on these people's stories. Simultaneously, it provides ethnographic information by presenting everyday life, and joys and sorrows of people living in different corners of our planet.

The publication contains 106 artistic photographs with elaborate descriptions of the photographed people and places included. It is 144 pages long and in hardback.

The book was published at the end of January 2015 as a release of Sorus publishing house. The publication was accompanied with photography exhibitions organised all over Poland which displayed the selected works. The exhibitions were concluded with a vernissage and presentation in the National Museum in Szczecin.

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